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1059 Bohemia series chandeliers

Crystal chandelier at five lights

Code: mgs-1059/5D-CR.PB

Glass finishes: Crystal

Metal finishes:

Lights number: 5

(1) the lights are disposed on two floors

(2) the lights are disposed on three floors

(3) the lights are disposed on four floors

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(Inches) Diameter 25.98, Height 22.83

Lights number


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Ideal complementary item(s)

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An example of craftsmanship and extreme care over detail, this collection is characterized by the presence of glass and lead pendants: by mixing classic Murano glass with lead glass,we obtain the typical polished effect that creates millions of changing colours and reflections, offering new emotions with each glance.


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Manufacturer certifications

Gestione ambientale ISO 14001:2004 Ente italiano di accreditamento Certificato 100% made in Italy Istituto per la tutela dei produttori Italiani Registro nazionale produttori italiani



Customers review for this item

Review by: John Stephenson, Germany, 02/09/2014

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We are really delighted with our chandelier. It looks really beautiful.

Review by: So Home , Italia, 10/04/2010

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mi ritengo molto soddisfatta dell'articolo per il momento ordinato, sia per l'estetica che per la facilità del montaggio.

Review by: Helga Zocher, Germany, 22/03/2010

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Wir haben eine Lampe Code sy-950/8DA bei der M.G.S. gekauft. Während des Transports wurde 2 Teile beschädigt, die unverzüglich ersetzt wurden. Der Service ist ausgezeichnet! Die Lampe ist sehr sehr schön. H. Zocher, Deutschland.

Review by: Helga Zocher, Italia, 12/02/2007

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Abbiamo comprato un Lampadario Codice sy-950/8DA dalla ditta M.G.S. Durante il trasporto sono stati danneggiati due pezzi che sono stati sostituiti immediatamente. Il servizio è eccezionale! Il Lampadario è meraviglioso! H. Zocher, Germania