Murano chandeliers

Getting into your living-room, here is the Serenissima’s history...
High quality venetian and classic Murano Chandeliers, totally free to customize and built with the same passion of the old glass-making artists. Perfectly suitable to smart old stile furniture, as well as perfect contrast in a modern contemporary environment.

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Chandelier Iris Van Gogh
Chandelier Iris Van Gogh - Lite
Crystal chandelier with green details
Chandelier in crystal and pink
Crystal chandelier with gold
Crystal chandelier with white paste
Crystal and silver chandelier
Red and gold five lights chandelier
Chandelier at five lights with gold
Crystal and ruby chandelier
Crystal chandelier with green details
Amber and ruby chandelier
Crystal and azure chandelier
Green chandelier with gold decoration


Ladies and gentlemen, here is the story of Murano glass!

Magnificent, original chandeliers. Often what our customers tell us more often is that they receive a lot of compliments from their friends and that once they have installed our chandeliers everything is more beautiful and the house buys a new soul.

Are classical chandeliers only for classic environments? Absolutely not, try our virtual interior designers, put in a large modern-style kitchen a classic chandelier and you'll discover that wow, classic and modern get married incredibly well, also thanks to the use of our super transparent and impure crystal.

We have adopted all the procedures to reduce the environmental impact and everything has been certified by the authorities, we want to do good things without spoiling the environment that is the most beautiful and important thing.