In the lighting category you will find the best products of artistic glass which will give your house a new light.
All the products can be custom-made.
Classic or modern suspended lamps, ceiling lighting fixtures, wall lights, sconces, table lamps.
Available the spare parts for every product present in our catalogue.


MGS works every day to create works of art to illuminate your life, do not underestimate the importance of good lighting in your home, you will wear a ring or a plastic necklace? Why not think about lighting like a jewel to hang on to your ceiling? On the other hand a suspension, a ceiling lamp is always an object that is just in the center of your room.

Some products are more suitable for a kitchen such as suspensions that can be placed over the table, other products are more suited to bedrooms like ceiling lamps. our lighting systems can have many souls, from the modern one to the extremely luxurious one to the simple one, but always with an artistic touch because that's what we do!

We talk about well-being about good lighting, whether you're working, reading a book or playing with your children a good light can make each moment more serene and relaxing. but having a nice and relaxing environment to stay with your friends and with the people we care most is of paramount importance.

Classic design, modern design, luxurious, crystal, crystal with gold. With MGS lighting, you can make the most of your home decor and furniture.

The materials of our products are simply the most you can ask for. Ultra-transparent crystal, real colors in focus, a whole handcrafted manufacturing process, each product will be unique and just for you.

We do not forget the importance of low environmental impact certified by ISO 14001: 2004 to ensure that every single environmental aspect related to its business (from raw material selection, emissions monitoring, energy consumption) is always kept under controlled and managed in the best possible way.

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