Murano glass Sculptures

With just a photo and a certificate from the Veneto area, it is hard to figure out how grand our original Murano glass sculptures are. These works of art are made using two of the oldest and most well-known ways to make things in Murano: blowing and working with solid wood. Contact us if you have any questions or want more information.

Sculptures made of crystal

Glass is a material that lets us try out new things and make new shapes. The artist's use of crystal (transparent glass) shows his formal study because, almost paradoxically, the more transparent the glass, the clearer the lines and the fuller the volumes look.

There are sculptures of couples in love and figures of women where the different parts, such as the head, arms, chest, and legs, blend together even though they seem to stand out.
Abstract transformations of action (Corrida), nature elements (Rainbow), and even spatial elements (Hedgehog) are all examples of abstract transformations. And surreal works that make you feel like there is no end because they seem to capture the moment of a thought are even more interesting because of that.

The diamond

We can say, a little bit arrogantly, that the statues in our catalog are all works of art. Most of the time, it's hard to tell much from the pictures, but the articles are impressive and show a lot of detail study.
Abstract sculptures or sculptures with a strong meaning, like dancers that look like they're really dancing inside the glass. These figures should be put in the middle of an empty room. This is the only way to make the room feel like a dream.

Murano figures prices

Many of these things don't have the price, which will be sent to you by email after you ask for it.

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