Hand made glass items, characterized by a unique and refined designed. Colors, shapes and quality of our furnishing items are to be admired.
M.G.S. surely means quality and values that grows with time.

we presents a captivating collection of glass art designed and produced by skilled artisans from the famous Murano island in Italy. As you navigate through the site, you will be greeted with an extensive selection of glassware items, including vases, bowls, plates, figurines, and various other decorative objects.

Each piece is meticulously handmade using traditional techniques passed down for centuries, ensuring the utmost attention to detail and outstanding quality. The vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and unique designs showcased on this page exemplify the unparalleled beauty and elegance that Murano glass is renowned for worldwide.

Whether you are an avid collector, seeking to enrich your home decor, or looking for a distinctive gift, this webpage provides an enchanting assortment of Murano glassware to suit a variety of tastes and preferences. With secure checkout options and international shipping available, this online store offers a convenient and trustworthy experience for anyone seeking to own a piece of artistry from the enchanting world of Murano glass.

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