Stunning Murano glass clowns made by hand.
Available in many variants, from clown-clown clown to clown juggler, for a unique gift and unmistakable style of true artwork.

Two colors Clown

From: £367.37

Phoenician Clown

From: £561.82

Clown San Nicola

From: £754.51

Clown with hat and mask


From: £436.49

The Clown with Hat and Mask is a charming and intricate handcrafted glass figurine. This colorful clown features a whimsical hat and a beautifully detailed mask, creating a playful and vibrant addition to any space. Its expertly crafted glasswork showcases the skill and craftsmanship of Murano glass artisans. This unique piece is sure to bring joy and a touch of elegance to your home or collection.

Clown with mask


From: £449.64

The Clown with Mask is a whimsical and charming handcrafted glass figurine. This delightful piece showcases a vibrant clown wearing a colorful mask, adding a touch of mystery and intrigue to the design. Created by skilled artisans using traditional Murano glassmaking techniques, this clown figurine is a perfect addition to any collection or as a unique decorative accent for your home. It brings joy and an element of playfulness to any space with its intricate detailing and vibrant colors.

Christmas Clown


From: £406.59

The Christmas Clown is a festive and exquisite glassware piece that will add charm and holiday spirit to your home decor. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, this delightful clown figurine showcases vibrant colors and intricate details. The playful design features a jolly clown wearing a Santa hat and holding a beautifully wrapped gift. With its fine Murano glass construction, the Christmas Clown is a unique and timeless collectible that will bring joy and whimsy to any Christmas celebration or display.

Clown on base

From: £367.37

Balloon Clown

From: £353.34

Cowboy Clown

From: £364.56

Cowboy Clown
Cowboy Clown


SnowMan Clown


From: £382.68

The SnowMan Clown is an enchanting and whimsical handcrafted glass figurine. Expertly made by skilled artisans, this delightful clown features a snowman-themed design with vibrant colors and intricate detailing. Its playful expression and charming posture evoke a sense of joy and wonder. Perfect for collectors or as a unique gift, this SnowMan Clown embodies the beauty and artistry of Murano glass.

Big Capitalist Clown


From: £436.49

The Big Capitalist Clown is a beautifully handcrafted glassware piece that captures the essence of a clown. This intricate figurine features vibrant colors and intricate details, showcasing the skill of Murano glass artisans. With its exaggerated features and a playful expression, this clown represents the spirit of capitalism and success. It serves as a unique decorative item, adding a touch of whimsy and charm to any space.

Ashtray Clown


From: £322.47

The Ashtray Clown is a unique and charming handmade glassware piece. This playful ashtray features a meticulously crafted clown figurine, adding an element of whimsy to any space. The vibrant colors and intricate details make it a perfect conversation starter. Whether used as an ashtray or simply displayed as a decorative piece, this clown-shaped glassware is sure to bring a touch of joy and artistry to your home or office.

Small Ball Clown

From: £241.36

Small Clown

From: £305.63

Tall Clown


From: £591.55

The Tall Clown is a charming and whimsical Murano glass figurine, handcrafted with precision and attention to detail. Standing tall at a height of (specified on the website), this magnificent clown showcases vibrant colors and intricate patterns, exuding a sense of joy and playfulness. With its expressive facial features and graceful body posture, it captures the essence of traditional circus clowns, making it a delightful addition to any glassware collection or an elegant gift for clown enthusiasts and art lovers alike.

Giacca da clown

From: £234.98

Giacca da clown
Clown jacket


Overall Clowns


From: £402.82

The Overall Clowns product, available at Murano Glass Shop, is a charming and whimsical piece of glassware. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, each clown figurine showcases intricate details and vibrant colors. The clowns wear colorful overalls, exuding a joyous and playful aura. This artistic creation is an ideal decorative item or gift, adding a touch of cheerfulness to any space.

Book Holder Clowns

From: £293.72 £205.60

Book Holder Clowns
Book Holder Clown

£293.72 £205.60