Murano Glass Clowns

Stunning Murano glass clowns made by hand.
Available in many variants, from clown-clown clown to clown juggler, for a unique gift and unmistakable style of true artwork.

Two colors Clown

From: £300.21

Phoenician Clown

From: £506.61

Clown San Nicola

From: £758.87

Clown with hat and mask

From: £380.48

Clown with mask

From: £391.94

Christmas Clown

From: £354.42

Clown on base

From: £300.21

Balloon Clown

From: £288.75

Cowboy Clown

From: £297.92

Cowboy Clown
Cowboy Clown


SnowMan Clown

From: £312.72

Big Capitalist Clown

From: £380.48

Ashtray Clown

From: £221.91