Arte Veneziana

La ricerca dell’eccellenza è da sempre la mission di Arte Veneziana insieme alla riscoperta della tradizione dello specchio veneziano e del nostro passato artistico. Per questo i nostri arredi sono il risultato di un perfetto equilibrio tra l’expertise dei nostri maestri artigiani e il tocco creativo dei nostri top designer.

Arte Veneziana has been manufacturing artistic mirrors for three generations. It is the contemporary expres- sion of the Venetian engraving tradition. The company’s mission is to pursue and develop this tradition through the constant pursuit of excellence, achieved through the rediscovery of the Venetian and European artistic past - both in aesthetic and production techniques terms, the attention toward contemporary arti- stic trends, the update of organizational methods and production technologies.

Culture of work. In order to achieve the aforesaid objectives, it is necessary that the human capital repre- sented by the company - and representing the company - shares the same values: this is what distinguishes a community. For this reason, Arte Veneziana’s strategic target is the education of the new generations towards these values: culture of succeeding, of mutual respect, of curiosity towards what is unknown, of professional pride, of respect for the environment.

Respect for the environment. Being part of a community also means to preserve one’s own territory. For this reason, respect for the environment is an essential value to be considered during all the production phases in which Arte Veneziana is directly or indirectly involved. Analysis and control of energy consumptions, reduction and elimination of the production polluting effects through the suppression of toxic wastes and agents, recycle: these are all processes at the basis of the industrial activity of the company.

Sant'Elena Table


From: £22,172.88

The Sant'Elena Table is a beautifully crafted furniture piece inspired by the dazzling Venetian style. Made by skilled artisans, this table features a hand-blown Murano glass top, showcasing intricate patterns and vibrant colors. Its elegant design is complemented by a sturdy metal base, ensuring durability and stability. With its unique combination of artistic craftsmanship and functionality, the Sant'Elena Table adds a touch of Italian luxury to any space, making it a perfect addition to both classic and contemporary interiors.

Sant'Elena Table
Table Sant'Elena


Sant'Elena Table
Table Sant'Elena


Cimasa chair

From: £3,761.55