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Glass twist rods

Crystal twist rod 6mm

Code: mgs-canna06/cr

Size: (Inches) Width 19.69, Depth 0.24

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Ideal replacement for mirrors, rods made by hand in Murano, Italy.
For best service, please specify the diameter and the length of the rods you need.

How to measure the diameter of the rods: Please get a European meter and measure the diameter of the rods (expressed in mm) that you want to replace. The rods are twisted and this creates points of different diameter. The size of our barrels is related to the diameter of the largest part of the rods.


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Customers review for this item

Review by: Jon Peterson, United States, 12/06/2016

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Hi, I received the glass rods in good condition. They are, however, smaller in diameter than mine. On your ordering site, it looked like you can order different sizes, but when I tried to order the medium size, the page always returned to the one size, so I assumed there was only one size. Are there different sizes? If so, I need the next size larger than the ones you sent. Thank You, Jon Peterson

MGS Reply: Dear Jon, the rods are made by hand and can have different diameters. We added the ability to purchase the rods in different diameters.

Review by: Dario Paris, Italia, 15/01/2013

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Ottima transazione, sia in termini di flessibilità commerciale dimostratami, sia nello scambio di corrispondenza che nell'accuratezza della spedizione. Sono stato molto soddisfatto.